We are a network of management consulting service providers, working as a team under the direction of founder Don Murray. Over the past thirty years, Don has refined a series of tools and practices to jump-start your organization effectiveness. Call 888-343-2284 to learn how our custom strategies can help increase your competitive advantage. For just $24, try our online survey to enhance communication for your team

The Don Murray & Associates Difference
  • We go beyond the “fads” of management innovations to create your own best organization improvement strategy.
  • We design programs and initiatives based on thorough needs assessment and corporate culture surveys.
  • We tap the best and the brightest consultants to work with you and your key staff.
We take pride in an integrated, teambased approach to the following key service areas:  

Organization Performance

Excellence is measured in many ways. Is your market share growing? Is your corporate culture a boon to long-term growth? Is your leadership protected by succession plans? Is the relationship between your CEO and board a joy to behold? If not, we can help. Contact Don Murray for performance-enhancing programs and workshops, including:
  • Advanced Leadership Development
  • Creating a Teambased Corporate Culture
  • Succession Planning for Key Leaders
  • MBA in a Day - Financial Management Technologies
  • Multirater 360 Leadership Development
  • Emotional Intelligence “EQ” in Leadership
  • Coaching for Performance Excellence
  • From Entrepreneur to Professionally Managed Enterprise

Team Building

Does your management team know how to smoothly resolve conflict? Or do team members get sidetracked by self-denial, sabotage, rumors, and triangulation? Team building creates a trusting environment of openness, accurate problem solving, and improved decision making. We teach team building strategies that create greater commitment to your long term goals, including:

  • LifeStrengths Styles online survey,
  • Seven Steps to Build a High Performing Team
  • Role Negotiation for Team Effectiveness
  • Conflict Management 101
  • Communication in the Workplace
  • 360 Assessment for Team Development
  • Applied Learning Simulations

Rapid Process Improvement

Are production costs increasing? Is customer satisfaction plummeting, in spite of your best efforts at quality control? We can show you how to implement the W.E. Deming-Toyota Production Method to increase efficiency and quality in your office, manufacturing facility, or sales teams, including:

  • Rapid Process Improvement in the Workplace
  • Seven Power Tools of Quality
  • Value Stream Analysis
  • 5S-Kanban Methods

Strategic Planning

Does your company lack a strategic plan? Do you have a plan, but no one buys into it? Every organization needs strategic direction in order to thrive. We facilitate a six step process to help your organization achieve its best in a team oriented, strategic planning workshop, including:

  • Creation of a plan aligned with your highest aspirations
  • Conversion of strategy to one year operating plans
  • Joint board/management strategic planning
  • Strategy refinement through annual planning updates

Leadership and Management Development

Do industry analysts praise your creativity and innovation? Are your managers savvy business thinkers who keep an eye on the bottom line? Or does your organization struggle to make the most of its resources? Don Murray & Associates offers systematic leadership development assessment, program design, and best-in-class implementation. Discover the methods proven by Fortune 100 companies.

  • Best-in-Class Business Simulations: Tango, Interplay, Blast, Right-On
  • Training in current business concepts, methods, and skills, such as:
    • Core competency definition
    • Training needs assessment
    • Train the Trainer
  • RealTime 360 leadership assessments
  • Executive Coaching

Other Targeted Interventions

Don Murray & Associates assembles talented experts to creatively design workshops and meetings that will address virtually any team development need. We offer fully customized and targeted services, such as:

  • LifeStrengths Style Assessment for Leadership Teams
  • Future Search interventions with large groups
  • Board Facilitation and Assessment
  • Designing high performing work systems
  • Leadership Summit for a total company
  • Team Building with Athletic Teams

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