We create competitive advantage through designed leadership experiences

We are the Northwest’s premier consulting firm offering custom-designed programs that deliver leadership and team development outcomes to help you achieve your goals.

We help you grow your organization by providing customized strategies that are:
  • Engaging and Empowering
  • Collaboratively Designed
    • with your leadership group
    • to build support & commitment
  • Customer Responsive
  • Strategically Aligned
    • with short and long term goals
    • with individual goals
  • Guaranteed Results! Call & ask Don today.

Big RESULTS for Big Companies – Don has helped Fortune 100 companies such as Nike, AIG Claim Services in New York, and Travelers Property Casualty achieve their goals. In the book about Nike titled "Just Do It” by Donald Katz, CEO Phil Knight tips his hand, naming Dr. Don Murray as one of the three most trusted advisors he turns to before making major decisions. Don’s clients include respected corporations such as AT&T, FedEx, Weyerhaeuser, and many more.

Big RESULTS for Smaller CompaniesDon Murray has helped many smaller companies have just as big an impact. Walsh Construction of Portland, Oregon seemed to be plateauing in its growth in 1994. President and co-founder Bob Walsh contacted Don Murray, who helped the company implement a highly aggressive strategic plan—and the company experienced a four-fold growth over a thirteen year period. Bob attributes much of the impetus for this success to his collaboration with Don Murray.

Surprising RESULTS with Sports Teams – Leadership development can inspire and generate passion within organizations as well as sports teams. Don was selected in 1980 to provide team building and other services with the coaches and players on the USA Olympic Men's Volleyball team. After four years of work, this team moved from unranked in the world to winners of the Olympic Gold Medal at the LA Olympics in 1984. Don continues his work today with the USAV governing body and its director.

Does leadership development, team building and process alignment work with any type of organization? Yes, and it can work for you.

Guaranteed RESULTS for You – To learn how our custom strategies can help your company increase its competitive advantage, contact Don Murray & Associates today.

Don Murray & Associates
230 Oakway Center
Eugene, OR 97401
888-343-2284 or 541-484-1111

Our Motto – “Every organization pays for its development program ... whether it has one or not!”


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